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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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season. amy hollyfield is at the wharf with the prices you can expect. amy? >> yes, it will be cheaper than last year. it will be $2.930 a wholesale. last year was $3. but it is slim pickings. they are say they are not seeing so men as they usually do. it could be a short season. as far as quality, they like what they are seeing. >> they are all hard, not soft. they are good quality. >> the first haul from the small boats is in. the big boats, though, are due in tonight. a lot more crab coming in. later, this evening, they will come in and you see them soon in
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the restaurants and stores. >> about time. this morning, donald trump is scrambling to clarify his position on abortion after commons sparked a lot of outrage. before the comments, presidents showed that donald trump had 70 pbs negative rating among women around the nation and tiffany is in the newsroom. >> yes, during a townhall event last night donald trump said that women who receive an abortion should face some form of punishment if the procedure is banned. when chris matthews asked if men should face the penalty he said no. criticism followed and a few hours later, donald trump's campaign retracted the idea with a statement. it reads in part "the doctor or any other person performing the illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible not the woman." this latest campaign controversy sparked criticism from pro
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choice advocates and antiabortion groups. they called the remarks "completely out of touch," with the pro life punishment. >> punishment for abortion? as a principle? >> there has to be a punishment. >> for woman? >> yes, some form. ait remains to be seen if the comments will impact the campaign or further reduce his support among women. half republican women would not support his candidacy. the california primary is months away with wisconsin vote open -- on tuesday. all the prosecutors are hoping the conviction of a former stand ford swimming star on assault charges will bring change to college campus recent the nation. brock turner what found guilty by jury yesterday facing up to 10 years in prison now. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted an intoxicated unconscious woman behind a
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dumpster outside of a from attorney house in january of last year. a passerby witnessed the assaults and enter rained. students say the conviction sends a strong message. >> i am glad justice is working and someone who committed something like this is being punished. >> a message will be receiveed that you can't get away anymore. >> turner avoided the media by leaving through a back door. he is scheduled to return june 2 under for sentencing. >> happen today the man in all of the surveillance videos, perioded bandit, will face a judge. the 30-year-old confessed to robbing 11 banks in the bay area. there is camera showing ellis being arrested last wednesday. he told police he used the money to pay bills and the motive was
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extreme financial difficulty. he stole $27,000 in the bank robberies. >> the state assembly will vote on the governor's plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. yesterday, the committee passed the murder spite oks by republicans and business lobbyists. if it passes the full assembly it will go to the governor. raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would cost taxpayers $3.6 billion a area in higher pay for government employees. >> lower wage workers are taking action today at airports cross the country. workers from baggage happened dealers to janitor are going on strike to demand $15 an hour minimum wage. they want better security training. workers at bay area airport are not expected to strike. those in major airports like dulles and washington, dc, and
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washington and o'hare are walking off the jobs sob warned. >> a disabled woman is vowing to fight eviction from her san francisco home. we were in the valley where the woman is fighting her landlord to stay in the apartment where she has lived for 30 years. the landlord is a technology investor who own his own firm. the landlord's attorney said the couple needs the apartment for an ailing family member. >> mother of the wife that owns the property recently had a fall at her home and show has become ill and needs to live near her family the. >> where would you go? >> i don't know. i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> the attorney said that the owners are committed to helping ease her move they will provide some financial help.
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>> happening today the wait is. had over for the tesla medical 3, starting this morning at 10:00 a.m. you can pre-order the $35,000 car unveiled in southern california tonight. as a sign of how much some want the car, we will see a photo of someone camping out in front of the walnut creek store. only $1,000 is need for deposit. fans have waited for years especially those who could not afford the pricey model. >> >> three fans are shaken but they are doing okay after a railing collapsed before the warriors game in utah. they tried to get steph curry's autograph near the entrance of locker room. a fan had to get mel attention and steph curry made sure all of them got souvenirs. >> more history for the worse and draymond green is the first player in n.b.a. history with at least a thousand points, 500
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rebounds and 500 rebounds and steals and block shots. is that all? they got a victory over the jazz and utah and improve for a franchise best 68-7. that is something. even if they finish 5-2 in the series they going to own the n.b.a. all-time record win. the worse are back home tomorrow night playing the boston celtics. >> tone, baseball finally runs to the bay area with the giants and a's suiting up kicking off the series tomorrow at at&t park. the first home start for the giants will take place and first pitch is at 7:15 and the giants and a's meet tomorrow and pay the cove tomorrow afternoon. and the players and coaches and fans no longer allowed to use
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smokeless tobacco at at&t park in may san francisco passed an ordinance banning dipping at all facilities in the city starting january 1. in october, the governor signed into law a ban at all five major league ballparks in california including the coliseum. that ban starts next year. >> imagine how if the worse would be if draymond would he is so lazy...good morning, everyone. that is sarcasm. nine degrees warmer in some areas and everyone is around 51 to ocean beach at 54 in san francisco. same in the financial district. obviously, that is in san francisco. and all the 50s. today we said would start off mild and appeal people is cool spot at 45. kite surfing, breezy but healthy breeze and mild to warm temperatures for walking the dog and sunshine and a lot of pollen
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in the afternoon. from the explore storm camera at pier 15 we are cloudy. we will see sunshine. like we did yesterday. by the afternoon hours. but for the cost, 60s and 70s with warmer temperatures through at least on saturday with a hack at sunday and the chance of rain on monday and tuesday next. >> at look at san rafael headed to central san rafael to southern marin you are looking good this hour with very light conditions and 20 meant drive from highway 37 and cross the golden gate bridge with three lanes waiting for the zipper truck to move the barrier with four lanes southbound. overall traffic is light, with minor slowing from the central valley, fairly typical and we have road work and of course we mentioned the a's and skians tonight so expect delays on 280 and 80 and around at&t park for 9:15 start. we will look at the bay bridge if a minute. >> a famous east bay landmark is
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at the center of a housing battle. what a developer were whats to do with a spa that has neighbors unhappy. >> trivia night event raising >> trivia night event raising throughs of
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever.
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♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. >> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> oklahoma residents are recovering from severe storms that spawned tornadoes. this is near the tulsa airport. meteorologist said one cloud touched down and lifted up several times. here is the damage caused bit storm. roofs torn off several buildings, trees lifted out of the ground. a gun club was leveled. seven people were hurt. one is in critical condition. >> look out for a pick pocketer. this muni security video shows a victim a man in a stripped shirt holding a child on the bus. the man in the dark hat and coat stole the victim's well let. officers say you are most vulnerable on buses or trains when they are included. keep the wallet in the front pocket and putting your backpack in the front on the chest. not on your back. >> oakland residents can weigh
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in on a plan for the makeover of the famed claremont spa. the plans call for building 45 condos at chair machine. backers say it will provide oakland with much needed housing for empty necessary looking to downsize. >> a record-break fundraising night at lucasfilm in san francisco, terrorism why night raised $1 54,000 for aids and breast cancer patients. here is katie marzullo. >> welcome to terrorism -- trivia night. >> kicking off the festivities of fun that started with pennies >> fundraising juggernaut that is trivia night. >> 20 years ago paul put a jar open his deck and asked for a penny. >> we raised $3,000.
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we were so excited we were ail to get that much money. >> fast forward 2016 and the fundraising team brought in twice that. twice that. >> hundreds >> it is paid up of teams of disney employees mostly working for lucas films and drew and our abc7 team raising for aids emergency fund and breast cancer message fund helping maybes pay for housing. >> so many are in a tight spot they need a little pit of assistance to move forward. >> they are fighting a debilitating illness we are trying to help those that fall through the cracks. >> general manager is proud of the most fun night of the year.
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>> it fells wonderful to come together and contribute to a from cause. >> the event has raised $1.1 million in the last 20 areas and we should mention disney is the parents company of lucasfilm and abc7. >> they did not ask us pause we need to sleep? >> we would have killed it. ai think so. >> random terrorism why is -- riff why is right up there. >> usually useless but last night it would come if handy. >> it is the sleep thing. now, what is going on, if solano it and breezy and you can see fairfield at 18 miles per hour. if you are headed to the east, you have a tail wind coming? town you have good head wind and the sea breeze will bring us clouds. sutro tower is over a thousand feet pete and we are able to see
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so it is not a low deck and we not see a lost drizzle. if we do it is along the higher elevations. it look like summer because of the cloud pattern and it feels like spring. middle through the weekend and the next system we helped would bring us wet weather on monday and tuesday is jogging to the north. 60 along the cost today, to san francisco at 61. and everyone else is around 65 and 70 degrees and the warm spot is an together and stand rose at 73 and 72. at the game this evening, dropping down to 52 and it will be breezy at at&t park. big surprise. warmer-than-average away from the coast through tuesday. look at big warming trend wednesday -- 80. sue? >> moderate traffic coming and san francisco this morning. from golden gate field to the berkeley curve and the macarthur maze. 15 minute drive into
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francisco and at least traffic is light at this hour. green is good on the traffic map. you can see slow traffic out of tracy and we had road work through the san ramon valley northbound and southbound 6 80 to be pick up and road work in oakland eastbound 980 to eastbound 24 in the lanes until 5:30. another check of road work with several areas out there and high winds in solano county. >> decades after the cold war ended the united states listens to san more troops to europe in respond to "aggressive moves by russia." asking for more money to expert additional troops along with upgraded equipment in europe. america's nato allies asked for a greater united states presence. they started besting the presence in europe after russia annexed the peninsula in 2014.
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law is a travel warning on the state department sparking outrage. it said not attend in the united states, the not attend overseas watch out for being expensive drinks or being robbed. people are saying, it is sexist, referenced a ranking of a person's attractiveness, 10 being the best and (1) the worst, they apologizeed for it coming off negatively, many members fall victims to scam and we want all to be careful while traveling. >> safety on trail, a county positive plan to go after speeders. >> count down to gold, the olympic hopeful heading to the bay area but, first, the money report. >> topping america's money, more jobs in the private sector, adp
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said united states companies added 200,000 jobs despite the weak global economy. >> the jobs report is out tomorrow. >> a new report said that consumption of soda is at lowest level in 30 yours and supporters say this are more options with profits at coke and pepsi not hurt because they have branched out into other drinks. >> chipolte could be, sanding. into -- could be expanding interest burgers. chipolte is operating chop house, asian cuisine and pizza store and burrito restaurants. store and burrito restaurants. a lost
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>> the abc7 news app. on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> you have to want your bicycle speed in marin county park. officials will use speed guns. they will crackdown on bicycle riders for going too fast. they are used to cash dangerous riders along the mill valley parkway since last year. now it is expanded. >> you can expect sparks in oakland today. a long-time san francisco business will celebrate the move of the flag ship store. they are move the main location to martin luther king jr. way and 15th two blocks west of oakland city hall. the oakland mayor schaaf is on
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hand. there will be flame artists on hand at 11 a.m. they closed the main store on market street in san francisco. it was in the location for 37 years. >> the south bay is ready to welcome olympic hopefuls. we were at city hall as the countdown began to the 2016 olympic team trials for women's gymnastics. in 99 days they start. olympic champion said there is a tremendous amount of talent with a shot at gold. >> it is against the rules but america should be able to send three teams to rio de janeiro. we are that good. we would come home with gold and silver and bronze. >> great to see mary athletes pecked will be announced in san jose july 10.
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announced in san jose july 10. >> we talked about miracle march. everyone is looking at san francisco, livermore, san jose a sample, above average. it is misleading. it was front-loaded. look at the rain at the beginning of the month. you may have noticed it is getting dry. low-to-mid 70s through the central valley. 66 in san diego. 82 in palm springs. breezy in monterey at 62. but sunny. lake tahoe shows temperatures above the average high of 51. through next week. sue? >> good morning. we watched the zipper truck on the golden gate bridge you have fur lanes southbound. two lanes northbound. very light drive. to san jose, 101 has head heights headed northbound.
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880 shows where we are. traffic is looking great. no delays. everyone is moving at the limit. and behaving. we have road work. we will tell you about that. westbound 24 to westbound 580, the ramp is partly closed. this is road work. you can still get through. one lane is open. we will check the peninsula or south san francisco to 380 is in the lanes a few more minutes. >> sue, you said you at great america for the opening? >> i was. >> you were three? back in the day. >> we have great america news: they are overhauling the attracts. they are considering staying open career round. we were at the park in santa clara as the c.e.o. details the master plan. that will include if you reallier -- roller coaster
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digital attractions. they were going to use the land for high distancety housing but have scrapped the plans. there could be an entertainment district outside the park gates and you could enjoy it without by the entrance fee. >> the falcons are back on the pg&e building in downtown san francisco. this is from the pg&e camera at mission. the family of the predator birds have taken up residence. the summer is on three eggs. another family was this two years ago. this is a live stream. if you want to check it out, i recommended it. we have a link on >> i heard it is for the "birds e >> the plan being considered that could mean more affordable housing in san francisco. >> we hear for the first time from the man at the officer of the police beating case and said he is still suffering from the
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. it is 5:00. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> meteorologist mike nicco said the weather looks like summer. but it feels


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